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What Are The White Walkers In Game Of Thrones? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering what the White Walkers are in the Game of Thrones series? If so, keep reading – because in this guide weíre going to give you a full explanation of what these creatures are all about.

First of all, the White Walkers are a mythological race who are primarily mentioned in the old stories and legends of the Westeros world, and as such, many of the citizens are skeptical of their existence. However, as we come to learn as the series unfolds, they certainly do exist.

white walker king

They first appear in book 1 of the series, A Game of Thrones, with mysterious allusions to the fact that “Winter is Coming.” You can download A Game of Thrones audiobook free to get the details on their first few scenes.

The legends always speak of the White Walkers with some degree of fear and trepidation. After all, they were known to descend on Westeros from the North, killing all who lay in their path, and even reanimating the dead as wights who follow their every destructive command. These legends also speak of a great battle against the White Walkers, which ultimately pushed them far north – and led to the construction of The Wall, which was designed to keep them out of the Seven Kingdoms entirely.

In the A Clash of Kings audiobook, we get a more vivid description of them for the first time in the series. Their grisly appearance is mostly humanoid in nature, although like humans, their appearance can vary quite dramatically from each other. Theyíre usually much taller than a human, and they tend to have pale grey-white skin that’s very sinewy, as if theyíre merely a slowly decaying corpse. However, their strength is unparalleled, and they certainly have more physical power than any human in Westeros – despite their unseemly appearance.

In the Game of Thrones series, we’re only treated with the occasional glimpse of the White Walkers, but their chilling presence is enough to unnerve even the most seasoned Westeros warrior – and their ominous scenes are enough to thrill and delight and Game of Thrones fan. As time goes on, itís likely that the White Walkers may have a significant role to play in the unfolding of future events, but only time will tell.

The next book, The Winds of Winter, will likely go into more detail on the nerve-chilling, frozen zombies, so stay tuned for it’s release this fall! Here’s a clip from the HBO Series, on how they were created. This is in the beginning of Book 6, which hasn’t yet been released to the public.

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